About the Society

IntroductionVivianite, Wannon Falls, Hamilton, Victoria

The Mineralogical Society of Victoria Incorporated ("MinSoc") was established in March 1976 with the aim of fostering an interest in Mineralogy.

The Society has approximately 110 members with around 40% being country or interstate residents.

From 2017 onward we are meeting on an alternating mixture of Sundays mornings (usually 3rd Sunday of even numbered months); and weeknight evenings on the alternate (odd numbered) months).
The intention of this schedule is to mix weekend and weekday meetings and to support the activities of local lapidary, gem and other related clubs in Melbourne.

Several times each year we will also hold meetings at
The Royal Society of Victoria's Rooms, 8 LaTrobe Street, Melbourne. 

Morning tea or supper (depending on the meeting) is served and Visitors are most welcome to attend.



The meeting format usually consists of a short information and report section followed by a short talk from a member on a topic of mineralogical interest.  The main talk is usually a guest speaker on a subject of mineralogical or geological interest.

Members are also encouraged to bring along mineral specimens for viewing, particularly specimens collected on recent field excursions.

Other activities include field excursions with several field trips held each year.  The majority are one day excursions. However, weekend or extended interstate trips are held when possible.

The Objectives of the Society



Membership of the Society is open to all those who share an interest in minerals, mineralogy or related fields.  Our members come from a diverse range of backgrounds and include earth science professionals, researchers, amateurs and enthusiasts. 
We strive to maintain a balance between technical and non-technical topics and no knowledge of mineralogy is required, just a desire to learn more. 
Come see what we are all about by attending one of the general meetings or mineral appreciation group meetings.

New members can join the Society by completing the application form attached below.
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